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2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

Veg-Land is a cherished family-owned company, founded by two dedicated brothers, Jim "Big Jim" Matiasevich and John Matiasevich. In 1976, they made the significant decision to move their families from the small city of Watsonville, CA to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. The move was driven by their ambitious vision to establish Veg-Land, a venture that would grow into a prominent player in the organic produce industry.

Today, Big Jim's son, Jimmy Matiasevich, carries on the family legacy at Veg-Land, demonstrating the company's continued success under the second generation of the Matiasevich family. The essence of a family business is further captured through the active involvement of Jimmy's brother, Jeff Matiasevich, and his son, Jimmy Matiasevich Jr., in the company's operations.

Veg-Land, Inc.
JBJ Distributing


Veg-Land operates as a dynamic parent company in the sphere of organic produce distribution and packing. Our administrative support team keeps the wheels turning at Veg-Land, managing a host of warehouse operations which includes cooling, cross-docking, and consolidation services.

We also have JBJ Distributing under our umbrella, serving as our sales force. JBJ Distributing is where we buy, sell, and distribute our meticulously sourced organic produce to ensure we're delivering only the best to our customers.

Both Veg-Land and JBJ Distributing operate from our Fullerton, CA warehouse, working in unison to maintain a high standard of freshness and quality that our customers have come to know and love. This dedication, inherited from Big Jim and passed down to Jimmy, is what pushes us to always go above and beyond.


With years of experience in the field of organics, we're proud of our organic certifications, starting with our first USDA certification in 1984. These validate our commitment to organic standards and high-quality products. Click on each image to explore our certifications in detail.

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