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The Matiasevich Generations

Big Jim, Jimmy, Little Jim_edited_edited

A multi-generational family, the Matiasevich’s from Watsonville California, have always had a deep connection to the produce industry. They started with "Grandpa John" in the strawberry business. This  influenced  his son Jim, better known as  “Big Jim”, to stay within the produce industry, selling the leaf categories. 


“Big Jim” & his brother John, were presented with a major opportunity that moved their families to Los Angeles in 1976 establishing Veg-Land, Inc. To this day, Veg-Land, Inc. continues to offer value added services such as; warehousing, consolidation, inventory management, and third party logistics (3PL). Because of this foundation, JBJ Distributing, Inc. was then created in 1980 in support of sales and marketing.


Jimmy, the third generation, remembers as a child, if he wasn’t at school he was at "Veg-Land".  He was hands on making boxes, sweeping floors, where he knew at a very young age that he was “All In”.  The “Veg-Land Culture,” as Jimmy says, “is what he has always known”. He continues this passion with his Brother Jeff & Son "Little Jimmy". 


The Matiasevich family is still known for their reputation and longevity within the organic produce industry. They have always been available and accessible to their customers. This is where their heart is, and because of this, their continued growth is from word of mouth and long standing relationships.

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Veg-Land Inc. Time Line Beginning 1976
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