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We Are At The Heart Of Organics™ 

Mini Sweet Peppers Vegetables_edited_edi

 The Matiasevich family

knows good produce.

They have been working to find

and supply the highest-quality, organic produce for more than half a century.

At Veg-Land, Inc., we pride ourselves

on our long-standing relationships, which we attribute to our commitment to understanding the needs of both farmers and retail grocers. 


We put extra time into details,

we're hands on, and accessible.

Mini Sweet Peppers Vegetables_edited_edi

Grower - Packer - Shipper

Veg-Land, Inc. is proud to offer...

Growing, Consolidation & Cross Docking 

PackingShipping & Distribution

Retail & Food Services 


Located in Fullerton, California

Veg-Land Inc. Time Line Beginning 1976
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